Meet the Chef

Meet Our Chef

Meet Carl Noller…
Carl has been a chef for 27 years and has been serving guests at The Yard since it opened in 2015. He started his career right here in Chester at The Grovesnor Hotel as a YTS.

After a few years of hard work, like really hard work Carl landed a position in Gordan Ramseys 2 Michelin Star restaurant, Aubergine in London. Working for and sometimes on the same shift as the great man himself.

Carl worked in various fine dining establishments across the UK, observing, learning and tasting lots of amazing dishes and ended up back in the City of Chester.


We sat down with Carl as we had a few questions for him…..this is what he had to say…

Carl, who is your Chef idol?
Pierre Koffman (sorry Gordan)

Why did you want to become a Chef?
I was always interested in cooking. I used to watch my nan, she made me help her and I loved to add ingredients to her recipes to see what they would taste like… she used to make a Bacon Bone stew with lentils, it had big bones sticking out of the bowl and tasted fantastic.

What inspires your dishes?
Good quality ingredients, sourcing locally where possible

What is your favourite dish to cook?
Stuffed pigs trotters, it is very time consuming but the end result is worth it.

We had to leave it there with Carl as Service was about to start and those fabulous dishes don’t cook themselves.
If you want to meet Carl, don’t forget to book a table….